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Carry On My Wayward Son -Kansas

Number one rule of fandom: Thou shalt never not reblog this song if thou art a member of the Supernatural fandom.

i like this rule


Always reblog Kansas/Supernatural’s anthem.







So light ‘em up, up, up


Light ‘em up, up, up


Light ‘em up, up, up


I’m on FIRE…


Has anyone done this yet or…


I’m beyond speechless….and in a bad way. 

What can I say?

This was made in the…

*Whole Fandom rushes to stop me*

*whispers* …heat of the moment…






Can we just talk about how this kid puts every pro choice argument I’ve ever heard to shame?


Here’s why

1. A fetus is not sentient or aware and doesn’t care about whether it gets aborted

2. a fetus ISN’T a child

3. The latin root doesn’t actually matter

4. Abortions aren’t performed on 5 month fetuses ‘all the time’ because the only time they’re done after 20 weeks (4.5 months) is when the fetus is dead, actively dying, suffers severe abnormalities or will kill the pregnant person.

5.THE FETUSES RIGHTS DO NOTOVERRIGHT THE PREGNANT PERSONS RIGHTS. ANy right to life the fetus has DOES NOT override the pregnant persons right to bodily autonomy. Not now, not ever. So saying ‘is the mothers right to choose really more important than the rights the fetus was never given?’??? YES. THE PREGNANT PERSONS RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO MAY OR MAY NOT USE THEIR BODY IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSES RIGHTS, WANTS OR DESIRES.

6. Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy, so a person consenting to the act of having sex does not mean they should be denied abortions.

7. 54% of the people getting abortions DID use contraception and did NOT have unprotected sex

8. Abortion IS a form or responsibility (Woops, another thing she’s conveniently glossed over)

9. Actually ‘hard case’ is more common. 1.75% areto IMMEDIATELY save the pregnant persons life, 3-5% are rape and incest, and 12% are for mental or physical health reasons BEFORE they become immediately life threatening. That’s a LOT more than what she claims and I have sources to back it up, she doesn’t.

10. Those health problems are actually myths and have been debunked NUMEROUS times by non-biased sources. There is a WHOLE POST I did debunking a lot more than what she claims and what she claims! (And the number is way, WAY lower than ‘17% of abortion recipients.)The Cancer institute says she’s wrong about the breast cancer thing.

11. The mood disorders thing is also bullshit, no major prospective studies support that. In fact studies found the fair opposite. More people feel relief than anything else!

12. Alcohol and drug abuse more common? Interesting how I can ONLY find this on pro life sites and very interesting how I see 2x more likely, 5x more likely, 4x more likely… the inconsistancy reeks of bullshit.

13. God is not something you should be bringing into the discussion as belief is varied and *gasp* many religious beliefs actually teach a pro choice stand point.

14. Dr. Suess was pro choice, Hortan Hears A Who was about the internment camps of the japanese and the vietnam war and his widow not only donates to planned parenthood but regularily SUE’S people who use the quote she did for pro life rallies.

So no. She hasn’t ‘put every pro choice argument to shame’. She’s proven she’s a child with NO concept of what abortion is or why people get them. She’s committed a copyright infringement, she’s regurgitated all the pro life rhetoric every pro choicer has heard a hundred times and she’s proven she can’t be bothered to actually research her topic correctly (Did she use lifenews or something? Because she failed to mention any sources for information and got an enormous number of things very, very wrong).

Sorry but this kid hasn’t got a fucking clue what they’re talking about.

"but it’s a child saying these things! she must be right!" shut up kid.

Unicorns with a Touch of Glee!


As requested, today’s entry will feature some of the most beloved images of unicorns in art history (surprisingly many are in Paris).  Of course, my favorite unicorns in the performing arts are Kurt and Brittany of Glee!  Unicorns almost always symbolize virtue, especially related to the virginal purity of young maidens (that works for Kurt and Britt right?)

Vote Unicorn Glee  Brittany Glee Unicorn

To find out about unicorns, we first turn to medieval manuscripts, specifically the bestiary, a book with moralizing tales about animals.  Caution if you Google bestiary ;)

English, Unicorn from a Bestiary (Ms. Bodl. 764, fol. 10v), 13th century, tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment.  Bodleian Library, Oxford UniversityEnglish, Unicorn from a Bestiary (Ms. Bodl. 764, fol. 10v), 13th century, tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment.  Bodleian Library, Oxford University

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Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

Here’s to you, Mary Winchester, played by Amy Gumenick (above) and Samantha Smith (below).

You are a female character in a patriarchal narrative (a story written, directed and produced mostly by men, mostly about men, in which women are secondary characters). 

You are defined as a wife, a mother and a daughter before you are defined as yourself. You are defined mostly by your relationships to men (we know everything about your sons, we know nothing about your girlfriends). You are burned to death by a demon; your death is the origin myth of the story.

Here’s to all the female characters in patriarchal stories. Here’s to all the women who are writing, acting, producing, directing, making their way in the still male-dominated worlds of film and television (both front and back of the camera).

Here’s to more stories about women, all the stories about women, here’s to the future of stories about women. 

I love Supernatural, but it has its flaws. So here’s to Mary Winchester! 


How to read Lorrie Moore alongside David Foster Wallace: an advent playlist.

1. David Foster Wallace, Incarnations of Burned Children

2, Lorrie Moore, People Like That Are The Only People Here

3. David Foster Wallace, Good Old Neon

4. Lorrie Moore, Real Estate

can also be read in reverse






Russell Brand Messiah Complex


This man is far more intelligent than many people give him credit for.

comedians generally are.

Pause. Hold up a second. Yes, Russell is intelligent, witty, charming - he speaks out about things that make you want to high five him and yell Finallllly! at the top of your lungs.

But he also has done some really horrible shit like crank calling a rape crisis hotline, sexually coercing a woman to show him her breasts (he halted a production and wouldn’t begin again until she obliged his sick whim), and he bashed Katy Perry and her lack of sexual skills after they divorced. There’s a laundry list of cool things he’s said/done I totally agree, but there’s also a laundry list of repulsive things…


Favorite Movies.

Drop Dead Fred (1991)
"You’re not happy."
"Yes I am."
"Well, if you’re so happy, then why I am still here, hmm?"