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Unicorns with a Touch of Glee!


As requested, today’s entry will feature some of the most beloved images of unicorns in art history (surprisingly many are in Paris).  Of course, my favorite unicorns in the performing arts are Kurt and Brittany of Glee!  Unicorns almost always symbolize virtue, especially related to the virginal purity of young maidens (that works for Kurt and Britt right?)

Vote Unicorn Glee  Brittany Glee Unicorn

To find out about unicorns, we first turn to medieval manuscripts, specifically the bestiary, a book with moralizing tales about animals.  Caution if you Google bestiary ;)

English, Unicorn from a Bestiary (Ms. Bodl. 764, fol. 10v), 13th century, tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment.  Bodleian Library, Oxford UniversityEnglish, Unicorn from a Bestiary (Ms. Bodl. 764, fol. 10v), 13th century, tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment.  Bodleian Library, Oxford University

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Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

Here’s to you, Mary Winchester, played by Amy Gumenick (above) and Samantha Smith (below).

You are a female character in a patriarchal narrative (a story written, directed and produced mostly by men, mostly about men, in which women are secondary characters). 

You are defined as a wife, a mother and a daughter before you are defined as yourself. You are defined mostly by your relationships to men (we know everything about your sons, we know nothing about your girlfriends). You are burned to death by a demon; your death is the origin myth of the story.

Here’s to all the female characters in patriarchal stories. Here’s to all the women who are writing, acting, producing, directing, making their way in the still male-dominated worlds of film and television (both front and back of the camera).

Here’s to more stories about women, all the stories about women, here’s to the future of stories about women. 

I love Supernatural, but it has its flaws. So here’s to Mary Winchester! 


How to read Lorrie Moore alongside David Foster Wallace: an advent playlist.

1. David Foster Wallace, Incarnations of Burned Children

2, Lorrie Moore, People Like That Are The Only People Here

3. David Foster Wallace, Good Old Neon

4. Lorrie Moore, Real Estate

can also be read in reverse






Russell Brand Messiah Complex


This man is far more intelligent than many people give him credit for.

comedians generally are.

Pause. Hold up a second. Yes, Russell is intelligent, witty, charming - he speaks out about things that make you want to high five him and yell Finallllly! at the top of your lungs.

But he also has done some really horrible shit like crank calling a rape crisis hotline, sexually coercing a woman to show him her breasts (he halted a production and wouldn’t begin again until she obliged his sick whim), and he bashed Katy Perry and her lack of sexual skills after they divorced. There’s a laundry list of cool things he’s said/done I totally agree, but there’s also a laundry list of repulsive things…


Favorite Movies.

Drop Dead Fred (1991)
"You’re not happy."
"Yes I am."
"Well, if you’re so happy, then why I am still here, hmm?"



the names are so accurate to their relationship 





The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe #1 (1983) . The Avengers files, by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

(Source: themarvelwayoflife)




He’s just really upset a naked magical creature was so mean to him.

Public Shaming: Baseball Bigots Attack Kolten Wong, Koji Uehara at End of World Series Game 4 ↘


Last night, in Game 4 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, fans witnessed a game-ending…pickoff. Yes, how anticlimactic…but it is a first! Red Sox closer Koji Uehara caught Cardinals pinch-runner Kolten Wong and he was picked off at first base.

woah woah woah….

Fucking people. 

A literary influence is never just a literary influence. It’s also an influence in the way you see everything—in the way you feel your life.